NOTICE: On the 1st July 2019, Trent Bell of EcoGecko commenced a new job as Senior Ecologist - Herpetology at Wildland Consultants Limited. Therefore, EcoGecko will soon be formally closed in October 2019. In his new role at Wildlands, Trent still carries out the type of projects that he delivered at EcoGecko over 10 years. You can contact Trent on [email protected], or Asha on [email protected] / Accounts at [email protected]

EcoGecko Consultants are New Zealand's lizard & frog experts. Nationally, we do a very wide range of herpetology-related work, including:

  • Desktop Assessments. Desktop assessments are summary reports identifying the current knowledge of the herpetofaunal values relating to your project (such as regional or local lizard records). These may be useful in determining the herpetofaunal values of a region for a regional council, or whether any lizards or frogs are potentially affected by your project
  • Surveying. Surveys are more comprehensive than desktop assessments, using a variety of detection techniques and typically establish a species inventory for a site.
  • Assessments of Environmental Effects. We have expertise in undertaking Assessments of Environmental Effects (AEEs) for lizards and frogs in matters relating to the Resource Management Act 1991. In particular, we have worked on wind farms, subdivisions, roads of national significance, dams and quarries. We also have a lizard Rapid Assessment Programme for small-scale sites which feeds into the above Assessments of Environmental Effects (AEEs).
  • Obtaining RMA consents and Wildlife Act permits. We assist you in securing the required resource consents and permits for your projects.
  • Lizard Management Plans (LMPs). We have expertise in developing management plans to to 'avoid, remedy and mitigate' adverse environmental effects on lizards and frogs, and we also undertake the required mitigation activities as described in the plans.
  • Mitigation activities required for consent conditions We undertake the required mitigation activities, such as rescue & relocation programmes, and monitoring.
  • Conservation management We advise and undertake conservation management of New Zealand's herpetofauna.
  • Applied scientific research. We undertake applied field research, especially on novel detection tools and post-release translocation outcomes.
  • Population monitoring and statistical analysis. Monitoring projects have an underlying experimental design with a purpose to detect a population trend or status for informed management decisions. We are able to use a variety of analytical methods, ranging from simple indexes, to occupancy and mark-recapture modelling.
  • Translocations. We are able to co-ordinate and undertake herpetofaunal translocation projects, such as to a biodiversity sanctuary, and provide post-translocation follow up population monitoring.
  • Radio Telemetry. We have expertise in radio-telemetry studies of lizards, tracking movements,home ranges, habitat use and behaviour.
  • Taxonomic research. We have experience in identifying and describing 'new' species of herpetofauna, including cryptic species.

Our Clients

Our clients include the New Zealand Government (Landcare Research, Department of Conservation, and Ministry of Science and Innovation), regional and city councils, ecological consultancies, industrial developers, community organizations, and private landowners.

EcoGecko Image Gallery

It often helps you understand exactly what we do, just by looking at our photos! We have an image gallery containing over 700 photographs of lizards & frogs. Click the link to see our photographs: EcoGecko Image Gallery.