Tukituki and Ngaruroro River Catchments

EcoGecko Consultants are working in partnership with MWH and the Hawke's Bay Regional Council (HBRC) on a lizard survey of two large river catchments (the Tukituki and Ngaruroro Rivers). These surveys are part of a wider Terrestrial Ecology Characterisation of these areas which also includes flora, bird and invertebrate survey work. The large study areas were divided into 'Catchment Units' using Land Environments of New Zealand data (at Level IV).

We undertook rapid surveys and/or non-intensive survey methods in representative habitats in each Catchment Unit to detect the presence of lizard species in these areas. We analysed historical and recent DOC BioWeb Herpetofauna database records and also undertook a literature search and review of species synopses in the NZ Lizards Database. These surveys along with our knowledge and understanding of lizards assisted in the preparation of a report to the HBRC on the status of the lizard fauna of the river catchments, including their intrinsic vulnerability, conservation risk factors and positive factors.

Tukituki River Catchment.This catchment contains the settlements of Waipukarau and Waipawa, and spans three Ecological Districts (Ruahine, Heretaunga and Eastern Hawke's Bay). This region is within the 'Southern Hawke's Bay 'dryland environment'.

Ngaruroro River Catchment. This catchment spans the Ruahine, Moawhango, Kaimanawa and Maungaharuru Ecological Districts, and also Heretaunga.