EcoGecko Image Gallery

We present an image gallery of photographs from our field work around New Zealand, and the occasional overseas herpetology photographs. These images are linked to our Dropbox Photos folders, which are updated regularly throughout the year. Clicking on each link will open a new page.

PLEASE NOTE: Our photographs can be made available for non-exclusive use in publication, whether digital or print, upon an agreed price. These images are copyright, so please contact us first ([email protected]) for permission and rights to use. Your email should make a note of the image's file name, describe the intended use of the image, and your price offer for the non-exclusive right to use the image. If we consider the use and price appropriate, we will send you the full size original image along with an invoice.

EcoGecko Image Gallery

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Dactylocnemis geckos

Hoplodactylus geckos

Mokopirirakau geckos

Naultinus geckos

Toropuku geckos

Tukutuku geckos

Woodworthia geckos

Oligosoma skinks

Lampropholis skinks


Leiopelma frogs

Litoria frogs

International herpetology

Landscapes & study sites

ANIMEX reptile & amphibian fencing

Other wildlife, flora & fungi

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